New! The gelcoats of Anker Stuy Composites

Under the name Ankodur, Anker Stuy Composites markets four different emission-free gel coats. The gelcoats are developed for the most common and demanding conditions, a system with respect for health, safety and the environment

The gelcoats are emission-free, so also without styrene or other solvents such as acetone. The different gel coats are scratch and impact resistant, durable due to the good UV resistance and flame retardant.

Due to the high acrylic content, the gel coats retain their color and shine and you are also guaranteed a tack-free curing.

All gelcoats are available in spray, brush and roll quality and in all RAL colors. The gelcoats can also be used as a plug-in for your current gelcoats. An uncompromising system without solvents, emissions and unpleasant odors. A system with respect for health and the environment.


  • is a solvent-/styrene- and MMA-free acrylic modified polyester product
  • is suitable for a wide range of applications including marine, sanitary and leisure industry
  • has good mechanical properties
  • has excellent color stability
  • has a very low emission


Sales and availability
Euroresins for The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Sweden and the UK.

IMCD for The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, the UK, France, Italy, Czech Republic and Portugal.